Gisborne City Photos - Young Nick's Head

Young Nick's Head  /  Te Kuri-a-Pāoa

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Young Nick’s Head – or so it was named by Captain Cook was formerly known to Maori as Te Kuri-a-Pāoa - meaning the Dog of Pāoa.

“Who was Pāoa you may ask?” - Good question - Pāoa was the Captain of the Horouta Waka… which arrived way, way, way, before Captain Cook. 

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Te Wherowhero Logoon Reserve 800x364

A restoration programme is returning this area to a healthy estuarine lagoon.

This land is privately owned so please respect the landowners rights.
Enjoy your visit.

Te Wherowhero lagoon water 800x534

View across Te Wherowhero Lagoon to Te Kuri-a-Pāoa / Young Nick's Head

Young Nicks Head flight 800x533

 Te Kuri-a-Pāoa / Young Nick's Head, Gisborne. New Zealand aerial view . . .