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 Destination-Christchurch, NZ in 2024

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Experience and enjoy the early stories of Canterbury's Ngāi Tahu Iwi and the earliest European settlers. The positive things they achieved building the city of Christchurch together.

Māori and early settlers collaborated regularly to transport trading goods & equipment up & down the Ōtākaro Avon River.

Waka have been paddled on the Ōtākaro Avon River as far back as the 17th century.


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Christchurch Airport chief executive Justin Watson, has been quoted  (RNZ)  predicting bumper Winter and Summer seasons for Christchurch city as it has re-established itself. 

Once again being a key travel destination, signalling that the city is no longer just a gateway to the rest of the South Island of New Zealand.

Destination-Christchurch is a website designed and based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Specializing in creating tourism-focused web advertising, building connections with Destination-Gisborne and potential visitors.


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Ngāti Porou >> Destination Gisborne  . . and

Ngāi Tahu >> Destination Christchurch  . .  via 'TURANGA'


Ngāti Porou  -  Whangara


Is a small community in the northeast of New Zealand's North Island, located between Gisborne and Tolaga Bay, on State Highway 35.

The settlement features prominently in the early history of the Ngāti Porou Iwi, as the site where Tamatea, captain of the Tākitimu canoe settled on arriving in New Zealand.

( Whangara was the location and setting for Witi Ihimaera's novel The Whale Rider and its film adaptation. )

The local Whāngārā Marae is a meeting place for the Ngāti Porou hapū of Ngāti Konohi. It includes a wharenui, known as Whitirēia or Waho Te Rangi.

Tūranga is the name of a settlement located on the East Coast of the North Island. It is the homeland of the Ngāi Tahu ancestor, Paikea, who made his way there on the back of a whale from the ancient homeland of Hawaiki.

The whale became the rock, Whāngārā Island, with its distinctive ‘whale’ shape. A whale also features on the gable of the furthermost red-roofed building, the wharenui (meeting house) Whitirēia.

Paikea had two sons, Whatiua Te Ramarama and Tahu Pōtiki. Whatiua Te Ramarama and his wife Hemo had three children. The eldest child Porouraki, is the founding ancestor of East Coast iwi Ngāti Porou.

Whatiua Te Ramarama died and so Tahu Pōtiki, the brother took Hemo as his wife. They also had three children. Ngāi Tahu descend from the union of Tahu Pōtiki and Hemo.


Ngāi Tahu  -  Christchurch


Ngāi Tahu's relationship to the people of Ngāti Porou and Tūranga is found in the saying, 'Tokotoru a te tuakana, tokotoru a te taina, ko ngā tokoono ēnei a Hemo i noho ai i Tūranga', meaning 'Hemo the mother of Ngāti Porou and Ngāi Tahu - all who came from Tūranga'.

This name also has significance for the NEW 'TURANGA Library' building’s location at the north-east corner of Cathedral Square in Christchurch.

TURANGA Library 400

The name given to the Square is Whiti-reia, and as the narrative written by Dr Te Maire Tau discusses, Whiti-reia is the name of the land on which St Stephen’s Church at Tuahiwi sits; it was also the name given to the Vicarage and to a garden and spring nearby at Tuahiwi. The name of Paikea’s whare (house) was also Whiti-reia.