Numat: Playgrounds of Gisborne MAP

Numat: Playgrounds of Gisborne MAP

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* Adventure Playground   * Anzac Park   * Botanical Gardens   * (Eastwoodhill Arboretum)   * Titirangi Reserve   

* Waikanae Beach   * Wainui Beach   * Waiteata Park

About Playgrounds Near Me Map

The ‘Playgrounds Near Me’ map is a map of all New Zealand’s publically accessible playgrounds that includes photo, description, location and information about available amenities and facilities.

To use the map, simply hover over or click the Playground pin you are interested in and the Playground information will appear on the screen.

The ‘Playgrounds Near Me’ map is a free service which is updated bi-annually.

Coloured Pins

marker green 50    marker black 50

You’ll notice that the Playgrounds Near Me map has two types of coloured pin – one black and one green. The green pins are there to show the playgrounds where Numat surfacing has been installed. All other playgrounds are shown with a black pin.