Graeme Mudge Aviation Models & Paintings Display

Graeme Mudge Aviation Models & Paintings Display 

Recently, the family of the late Graeme Mudge generously donated his model planes and watercolour paintings and associated research notes/diagrams to the Gisborne Aviation Preservation Society (GAPS).

G Mudge Plane 600x416

The paintings were too valuable we believe to be shown without full protection, so we have photographed and printed off some of them to go along with his models.

Graeme built every plane by hand from wood using line drawings as reference from model magazines.

We honour his true passion and will spend many hours restoring them to their former glory.

There are 82 paintings in total, mostly devoted to the Spanish Civil War, and most of the model aircraft are circa WW1.

Some of the line drawings he worked from are also on display. Enjoy.

Just some of the many paintings of Graeme Mudge on display . . .

G Mudge Sq Aviation 600

RAF Model Graeme Mudge 600

G Mudge Model Planes 600 psxp

These model planes have been built entirely by hand from softwood and ice-block sticks by Graeme Mudge.

He worked from line drawings in model aircraft magazines, assembling a large collection over many years.

These will be restored to their former glory as time allows.

The models are all of World War One period of British, German, French and Dutch origin.

Currently on display are approximately two thirds of the full collection.