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Comprehensive information on all trails and aspects of the Motu Trails experience

This LINK takes you direct to the Rere Falls Trail with full details on the trail

Official Motu Trails Map - in downloadable PDF format

Destination Gisborne city offers you LINKS to all the Motu Trails

The Rere Falls Trail takes you between Gisborne and Matawai, where you can link Motu Trails. This is an impressive ride through heartland New Zealand, featuring Eastwoodhill Arboretum, Rere Falls, Rere Rockslide, and Gisborne vineyards.

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 At a glance:

* New Zealand Cycle Trail 'Heartland Ride' linking to Motu Trails
* Grade: intermediate/3
* Gisborne-Matawai is 100km
* Roads are open to traffic but mostly quiet, with 27km of gravel road
* Time to ride: from five hours to three days
* Start options: Gisborne, Matawhero, Eastwoodhill Arboretum, Te Wera road, Matawai, Motu
* Guided and self-guided tours available
* Mobile coverage is patchy, you are advised to take basic tools and safety gear
* There are no shops between Ngatapa and Matawai.


Gisborne to Rere Falls / Rockslide approx 47.5km 



Denise H RERE Rockslide 480300 cp

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 Jim Robinson