Our elected members and public servants are people too. Cognitively we all know that but take a second to really consider it. We have our up days, and our down ones. More often than not as professionals we hide the hard days. 


There is no space for hard days at the table of decision making, no space for hard days when we need to take action, no space for hard days when our people need us to be present. 


But here’s something you might not know, our hard days are influenced by what is happening in our region, by what is being experienced by our people, and every moment we feel the weight of that responsibility. 


That is what we all sign up for, it is our passion that drives us to take up the challenges of these roles. It is our love of our people, our region, and in some instances our devotion to our country. 


In these spaces bad days are public. That doesn’t excuse the behaviour or void the code of conduct or even negate our own personal values. Being paid by the taxpayer of Aotearoa means being above reproach, and a much higher expectation for both behaviour and performance. As it should be. 


This blog entry is a reminder of our humanity. Mistakes are made even by the best. In those moments understanding and empathy make the world of difference and hold us apart from other countries in the world. 


Hold us all to account. Expect us to bring the best of ourselves to the table. Demand that your views and that of your community are being effectively advocated. That’s what you deserve. 


Just try to remember, we’re human too. 


. . . by Rawinia Parata - GDC Councillor