Photo courtesy Rawinia Parata during Ruatoria FOSAL consultation evening of Ani Pahuru Huriwai who opened our meeting. 


It is a family's worst nightmare to face losing their home, having already lost the memories inside, having seen silt cover floorboards and drench carpet, having to close the door on a lifetime.


I hear Category 3 and that's what I picture, tremendous suffering and uncertainty. You don't buy a family home and imagine having to leave it behind.

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When I think of Category 2, it is much the same, a gut-wrenching fear after every rain, 'will this be the time we're ruined for good?' I imagine hours of researching stock banks, flood protection, and stressing over the costs of lifting their precious home.


FOSAL Category 2 & 3 consultation has begun. We have the opportunity now to help whanau, to give them options, and really to hear their pain.


There's still much to determine, the how, the who, and even the what. For me, I am clear on 'why', whanau need certainty to be able to make decisions and move on, so they can rebuild one day at a time and sleep soundly at night.


FOSAL BLOG: by Rawinia Parata - GDC Councillor