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 Tourism Eastland Incorporated Society

'Your Regional Tourism Industry Advocate'


As the Eastland region tourism operator’s voice, we have raised the following issues:


• The need for a quality Visitor Guide, as everyone should be tourism promoters, so we need more shared information.

• Gisborne has a shortage of accommodation issue with emergency housing taking over motels & hotels and B&B’s

• Eastland needs to remain authentic as it’s so different from other overburdened tourist destinations

• We need everyone to be on board and deliver information in all different media forms.


Sept. 2017 elected Tourism Eastland Board members: 

Penny Shaw 1a sq 150 Chris Savage Col Sq150 

      Penny Shaw            Chris Savage 

Barry Thomas 150Sq Deane Craw Sq150 Harvey Johansen Sq151

     Barry Thomas          Deane Craw          Harvey Johansen             

For further information - contact: Penny Shaw: 

Tel: (06) 867 6523   Cell: 027 448 9561  em:


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