Beaches of Gisborne, New Zealand

Beaches of Gisborne, New Zealand

Tatapouri Beach - home to 'Dive Tatapouri' and the Stingrays - being one of the amazing experiences that awaits you when you visit the 10 beautiful beaches of Gisborne all within easy access . . .  Pouawa Beach, Turihau Beach, Tatapouri Beach, Wainui Beach, Sponge Bay, Sponge Bay Island, Kaiti Beach, Waikanae Beach, Midway Beach, Oneroa Walkway.

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POUAWA (Gisborne 18k)

This ocean beach is full of clean, golden sand and rocky outcrops with good swimming, diving and fishing, great place to relax for the whole family.


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TURIHAUA (Gisborne 16k)

Another great ocean beach that's full of clean, golden sand and rocky outcrops with good swimming, diving and fishing.


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TATAPOURI (Gisborne 14k)

Great views, unspoiled location and plentiful marine life just 14 minutes out of Gisborne City. Tatapouri is mostly reef with good fishing and diving.

Dive Tat Stingray 177x86   Home of DIVE Tatapouri - Stingray experience!



MAKORORI BEACH (Gisborne 10k)

Great surf, safe swimming and golden sand aptly describes Makorori Beach. Ideal for picnics, relaxing, snorkeling in the rock pools and horse riding.


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WAINUI BEACH (Gisborne 6k)

Just a short drive out of Gisborne you will find Wainui Beach, well known for its soft sand and clear water perfect for swimming, surfing and fishing. The historic Sperm Whale grave can be found here as well as a patrolled swimming area near the Wainui Surf Club in the summer months. Local store and petrol station facilities.

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SPONGE BAY (Gisborne 3k) ­ 2km from highway.

Nestled between rocky cliffs, Sponge Bay is suitable for swimming and surfing and gives access to Tuamotu Island at low tide.

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Home to the local Yacht Club. Kaiti Beach also has great rock pool hunting to explore at low tide. Close to city centre... just beyond the Gisborne Port at the base of Kaiti Hill (Mt Tititrangi).



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WAIKANAE BEACH (Gisborne Town Beach).

With usually the smallest surf out of all of the Gisborne beaches, it is great for those wanting to learn to surf. Lovely for a relaxing swim and safe for the young children, it also has a flagged, patrolled area during the summer months.


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Another beautiful beach for the family to relax and enjoy...