Gizzy on Wheels - Roller Skating

Gizzy on Wheels - Roller Skating - YMCA

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The first lesson, was held on July 10,

 Adriana was joined by her younger sister Angel, and they both taught some warm-up activities.

“Guiding people through how to stop and fall safely, followed by putting music on and allowing them to skate freely for the rest of the two-hour class period.

“All you need is a sense of balance — or we can help you with it,” Adriana said.

People will need to bring their own skates as the group has no extras, “at the moment”.

Session Times . . .

Subsequent sessions have now stepped into Recess . . . as the availability of a Venue is sought  . .  if you have somewhere please contact Adrianna . .  thank you. 

All ages are welcome, but Adriana asks those under 14 to come with supervision.

The cost is $12 for a one-hour session and $20 for a two-hour session, for all ages.

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Gizzy on Wheels - Roller Skating - Venue: YMCA 447 Childers Road, Gisborne NZ