YOMPAI - Handcrafted Teak Kitchen Utensils

Yompai - Handcrafted Teak Kitchen Utensils

Welcome to Yompai

Based in Gisborne we work with small rural villages in Thailand who handcraft high quality, sustainable products.

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Yompai is based in Gisborne, New Zealand.

We import handcrafted import high quality handcrafted products from Thailand. Having lived in Bangkok, Thailand, for many years we had met many really talented people, who made incredible handcrafted product. We also saw and met a lot of people in difficult circumstances, in terms of health, finances, living conditions.

Coming home to NZ we started to import some of these. We started with the Teak wooden kitchen utensils as these were something we had bought and used in Thailand

All of the kitchen utensils are made in a small village in the north of Thailand, Baan Lek Nam Pai Yai.

We met some of the villagers who sold their handcrafts at the Bangkok Farmers Market. Over a couple of years of going to the market we got to know the people, their story, how they had started making utensils - (read about that here)

We loved the story, and we certainly loved the things they made, we bought quite a few different style spoons, chopping boards and bowls. They were so beautifully crafted but we also loved they were made for use. We learned about teak and why it is such a highly prized wood, not only for building and furniture but also for kitchen utensils.

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Yompai - Handcrafted Teak Kitchen Utensils