Gisborne City Photos - Gazebo - River confluence

Gazebo - River confluence

GAZEBO Readds Quay Gisborne NZ 800x533

From the Rotary Club GAZEBO you can observe the confluence of the Waimata, Tauheru and the shortest river in the Southern Hemisphere - the Turanganui River (1200 metres). In the background the recently restored War Memorial Monument stands in memory of those who gave their all.  © Photos by

Gazebo Tree framed 800x500

Gazebo Gisborne NZ 800x533

Gisborne River Confluence NZ 800x467

Gisborne, NZ. showing the  River Confluence of Waimata, Taruheru & Turanganui

GAZEBO - Reads Quay, Gisborne. New Zealand