Poverty FREE Bay

Poverty FREE Bay

An alternative way to promote our district, retain our history and redeem our name would be to simply add four letters, and become:


Poverty FREE Bay …and in turn, change our mindset.

 Let’s begin to develop a ‘Culture of Invitation’ as a City of Firsts…

 A ‘paradigm shift’ would be helpful

Nothing changes physically - but our attitude shifts


As someone once said: “Our attitude determines our altitude”


HONOUR: Is to place high value on someone or something


BRAVEST are those who are first to: Apologise

STRONGEST are those who are the first to: Forgive

HAPPIEST are those who are first to: Forget


Some of the happiest people on the planet lack the amenities of this Western culture - and yet they are rich in their outlook and joy for life.

Have you ever watched ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’? This movie is an excellent depiction of how one’s outlook on life can in turn determine the quality of it.


What really determines ‘poverty’ are the choices we make:


Poverty of spirit; lack of self worth; lack of self esteem

Regardless of asking: “Is your glass half empty or half full?”


Acrostic examples:

Poverty can be a:

Place Of Valid Entrapment, Repeatedly Tricking You


Poverty can give you a:

Perception Of Valid Entitlement, Repeatedly Tantalizing You



Torment with disappointment. Raise and then dash hopes of.


OR, Poverty can be a:

Place Of Value, Encouragement, Reconciliation, Transforming You


Poverty can in reality be a state of mind – a choice:

Let’s choose! To live aspirationaly in: Poverty FREE Bay


Certainly we need to provide for the less fortunate; but not to live out of generational paternalism and dependency.


Why not simply remarket our district as: Poverty FREE Bay


There is no need to go to the ‘massive expense of name changing’.


Poverty FREE Bay can be our aspiration, and inspiration, for our future!


What we role model to the younger generation

What we teach them

How we live daily

A decision to change our negative mindset

That which is our POD – our Point of Difference


Let’s demonstrate real heart felt change – and develop a ‘Culture of Invitation’. That people will want to visit and meet with the people of:


Poverty FREE Bay – because they are genuinely different; demonstrating true kindness to one another, with aroha and love.


With the current focus on Poverty currently swamping the media  -  here we are – with no one on the planet better positioned to demonstrate how to rise above and beyond a perceived negative.


Let’s move forward with a positive attitude - simply add these 4 letters to state we are - FREE – and make the choice, choose to change the way we face the future with whatever challenge/s comes our way…   


Let’s create and be a:

Place Of Value, Encouragement, Reconciliation, Transforming You.


Then delight to live in Poverty FREE Bay 


© … 14 / 06 / 2017  –  13 / 02 / 2018  … by Ray Sheldrake

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This Opinion piece also featured in The Gisborne Herald  16/02/2018