Health Consumer Service - Gisborne-Tairawhiti NZ

Health Consumer Service - Gisborne-Tairawhiti NZ

For YOUR local Gisborne-Tairawhiti support person for any health complaints or concerns you may have:

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Concerned about the health care service you have received?

Speak to an independent person about your options . . .

Our aims are to:   * Help you personally    * Improve the quality of health services

  We:    * Listen   *  Support   *  Communicate   * Liaise

Sometimes talking to your health professional can be difficult. When you’re unwell or concerned or even just confused it helps to have someone independent to call on.

Our service can help. We can write letters or make phone calls on your behalf, advise you about the Health Complaints procedures, we can come with you to meetings with your health care provider, to support you with your complaint.

HCS are an independent trust contracted by the Bay of Plenty, and Tairawhiti District Health Boards. 

Making a Difference to Health Services

The Health Consumer Service is designed to assist you in communicating your concerns to your health provider.

This ensures the health provider has the opportunity to address your concerns
It may also result in changes that will benefit others

Health Services include:

* Medical
* Surgical
* Mother & Baby
* Chemist
* Dental
* Disability Support
* Home Help
* Counselling
* Rest-homes
* Mental Health
* Community Health Services

Consumers have the right to bring a support person to meetings.

Our service is available 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week.

We work co-operatively with health providers. Consumers and health providers can trust that we will be impartial.

We are an independent trust contracted by the Bay of Plenty and Tairawhiti District Health Boards.

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