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Paint for every use GB Guthrie Bowron have them all...

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We are also your local Gisborne stockist of the AGRIPPA Paint range.

* Aqualin * Fen-O-Cryl * Flakaproof * Multiversal * Silkcoat * Thundergloss


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Aqualin - Timber Stain


A unique, water based, high performance, Linseed Oil penetrating Timber stain.

For use on absorbent, new or weathered, timber surfaces. Aqualin is applied as a water based product. 
When the water evaporates Linseed oil is released to penetrate into the timber, forming a low gloss stained finish of
relatively high opacity, giving excellent UV absorption and high durability. The film dries overnight to a surface with no
‘rub off’ and continues hardening for several days. Aqualin is a house quality stain, yet affordable for fences.

Aqualin can be used over previously stained surfaces provided they have weathered and become absorbent.
(On non-standard surfaces you can do a test patch to determine that Aqualin soaks in.)
(Aqualin is also useful as a sealer on weathered areas of wood when painting. It can be over coated with conventional paints but our ‘Multiversal’ paint is recommended.)

COLOURS: Brown bark, Denim, Ebony, Green pine, Nutmeg, Redwood, Stonewood, Terracotta.

[Transpar (Clear) is also available, but is not as durable as the colours, so is not recommended for exterior use unless recoated at frequent intervals. It is mainly used to dilute the colours when greater transparency is desired or as a base for tinting special colours with Universal colourants.]

Sizes available. Aqualin is supplied in 4 litre and 10 Litre plastic containers.


Fen-o-cryl - Acrylic Fence Paint



An economical water based ‘Acrylic & Linseed Oil’ general purpose paint.

A low sheen paint, with good tolerance of imperfect surfaces due to the penetrating ability of Linseed Oil. Suitable for bare and previously coated surfaces.

Fen-o-cryl is a decorative and protective coating designed for Fences. It is generally used on wood but is suitable for all other common surfaces. (On unusual or non-standard surfaces you should test it to determine if it is suitable for your particular use.)

COLOURS: Earth Brown, Lava Red, Karaka Slate.

Sizes available. Fen-o-cryl is supplied in 10 Litre plastic containers.


Flakaproof - Acrylic Roof Paint


Water Based - 'Linseed Oil + Acrylic' - Roof Paint

A tough and corrosion resistant roof paint with special properties not found in conventional Acrylic paints.

Hardens slowly to a Tough, Low sheen film, with permanent adhesion to galvanised and zincalumed metal. It has greater tolerance of imperfect surfaces than conventional acrylics, especially flaking surfaces, due to the penetrating ability of Linseed Oil.

Designed for use as Primer, Undercoat, and Finish coat on galvanised and zincalumed steel as well as other common surfaces such as wood and concrete.

COLOURS: Charcoal Grey, Copper Brown, Deep Jade, Laurel Green, Red Ember, Sonic Blue.

Sizes available. Flakaproof is supplied in 4 litre, and 10 Litre, plastic containers.


Multiversal - Multipurpose Paint


Water Based - Multipurpose Paint

An economical but high performance water based ‘Acrylic + Linseed Oil’ composite paint.

Low sheen -Tough film - High water resistance and good tolerance of imperfect surfaces, due to the penetrating ability of Linseed Oil.
Performs Primer, Undercoat, and Finish coat work on all common surfaces.

A decorative and protective coating for Wood, Concrete, Fibro-cement and Galvanised metal.
(On unusual or non-standard surfaces you should test this product to determine if it is suitable for your particular use.)

COLOURS: White pearl, Black, Red ember, Blue grey, Gold nugget, Rich brown, Cream, Forest glade, Copper brown, Green olive.
(Tints can be made by mixing Multiversal colours into White pearl or by adding Universal paint tinter.)

Sizes available. All Multiversal colours aresupplied in 4 Litre, 10 Litre plastic containers. 

(White Pearl, is also available in 20 Litre containers.)


Silkcoat - Sealer / Universal Undercoat


100% Acrylic, Sandable Wallboard Sealer and Universal Undercoat

A Water based High Opacity, Sealer - Undercoat for ‘Gib’ board and Plaster surfaces.

High Opacity. Easy sanding. Off White colour. Provides an excellent, economical base coat before the coloured finishing coat is applied.

Use as a sandable sealer on new ‘Gib’ surfaces and as a universal undercoat on interior wood and fibreboard surfaces.

COLOURS: BLOCKOUT WHITE only (but can be tinted with Universal tinters)

Sizes available. Silkcoat is supplied in 4 litre & 10 litre plastic containers.


Thundergloss - Premium House paint


Premium Quality 100% Acrylic House paint


A high quality, water based 100% Acrylic Paint designed for Exterior use.

Forms a tough, durable and glossy film. Has excellent water resistance, excellent dirt resistance and excellent resistance to mould and fungi. 

PRINCIPAL USES: A decorative and protective coating for Wood, Concrete, Fibro-cement etc.

COLOURS: WHITE ONLY, but can be tinted with Universal tinters.


Sizes available. Thundergloss is supplied in 4 litre & 10 litre plastic containers.

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