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Alyssha, Nathan & Te Ahi Kaa - welcome you to YUM BOX

... some YUM news ...

Alyssha, Nathan and the bright shining Angel baby (Te Ahi Kaa) have realized that nothing of any eternal value was accomplished by being content with average,

We set our sights on extraordinary and decided to blaze a trail towards the horizon of not just a better future for our whanau.

But also in an attempt to find solutions that equip the sower with seed



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At Yum Box, our motto is “making snack time easy.”

Our product range and website are specially designed so you can choose options that are specific to your individual dietary and allergy needs, but don't stress or fear, the only real pre-requisite to using Yum Box, is that you love yum stuff.

You can custom build gift boxes for others, or treat boxes for yourself

Yum Box is New Zealand's only online gift and snack box store that

•  is designed so you can select your dietary or allergy requirements and all  your snack options are specifically catered to that

•  is specifically set up so you can choose exactly what products you want in your basket rather than having to choose pre made baskets that might not have everything you want or include things you don't

•  that offers roughly the same pricing as supermarkets on all products.. No extreme mark up's here because who wants to pay 40 dollars for a donut and a handful of lollies

•  that gives 10% of all profit to charity, even better than that we let you choose from our selection of great causes exactly where you want the profit going

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Welcome to YUM-BOX from Nathan, Alyssha & Te Ahi Kaa

Here are some sample images of our products  -  jump to our Website for the full product range on offer . . . CLICK any image for YUM BOX website

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