Dancing for Life Education - Gisborne - Luke & Tina - Best Costume

Dancing for Life Education - Gisborne, East Coast & Wairoa - Tina & Luke

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DFLE Gisborne  -  Judges Best Costume Award: Tina & Luke

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Tina Luke Dancing for Life Education Gisborne 


Tina Drummond

When Kathy invited me to be part of Dancing for Life Education I said absolutely yes! Life Education Trust Inc. Gisborne, East Coast and Wairoa is such a great initiative for helping children to learn about skills that will carry them through life.

I just think the earlier we can get the learning to children the sooner we give them skills to make better decisions about their choices. And better decisions benefit all
of our community.

I’m so happy and grateful to be part of this fundraising journey. I too am being stretched outside my comfort zone as I learn to dance. Life learning never stops, and it’s fun! Tina Louise

Wainui Road 4 Square200

Luke Marks

Hi my name is Luke Marks (Lukey) - I moved to Gisborne about 6 years ago, knowing nobody.
To start a new chapter in Life. Gisborne is Chapter 17.

I love my job, the people and the lifestyle here.
My interests are: surfing, martial and creative arts, skateboarding (even have my own label “Lukey16”.

One day Amy Spence & Kathy Sheldrake asked if I would take part in a charity event as a dancer.

At first I said no way, but, after much coaxing I agreed.
Kathy introduced me to Tina and we both agreed to take part in DFL to raise funds for Life Education Trust Inc. Gisborne, East Coast and Wairoa.

Weekly lessons with fashion designer Sheryl May followed plus countless hours of practice, also raising $2,500 for the Trust. Going from scared to petrified for this possibly never to be repeated amazing event!


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VENUE: War Memorial Theatre, 159 Bright Street, Gisborne NZ