Dancing for Life Education - Gisborne - Isaac & Janine

Dancing for Life Education - Gisborne, East Coast & Wairoa - Janine & Isaac

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DFLE Gisborne - Janine & Isaac - Event Video performance

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Janine Hamilton-Kells

I recently attended the same fundraiser as Isaac, dressed as a roller skating waitress. Apparently dancing to Grease on roller skates qualifies you as a potential dance partner and here I am.

My children loved Harold and I’m a keen supporter of health and community.

When I’m not learning to dance I’m line dancing, singing at Pub Choir, rehoming vintage aprons and dabbling at writing.

I’m also part of the team at the Gisborne Volunteer Centre where I witness the generous community spirit of Tairāwhiti, everyday.

Isaac Hughes 

I received a late call up from Kathy Sheldrake last year. I had every reason to say no.

Top of the excuse list was the fact I have the dancing skills of a dying kahawai.

A close second was an inability to lure a dance partner with my sweaty palms.

Thankfully, dancing can be taught…. even to an asphyxiated Arripidid.

And somehow, I persuaded Janine to tolerate my palmer hyperhidrosis.

I look forward to entertaining. Isaac Hughes

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VENUE: War Memorial Theatre, 159 Bright Street, Gisborne NZ