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Accounts Online Ltd. PO Box 83104, Johnsonville, 6440 Wellington, NZ.

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 Are you looking for a faster, easier way to do your accounting, payroll and tax?

Are you presently using an accounting system that requires many hours of your time?

* Are you getting the support you really need?

* Would you like more time to enjoy life?

* Accounts Online Ltd. provide brilliant business accounting software and offer simple, easy to use accounting solutions, adding value to your business, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on what you really want to do.

* Simplicity is the key - Our accounting software captures all your bank statements over the internet and presents you with a set of accounts ready to go!


Wayne Campbell 240358 Wayne Campbell
Wayne J Campbell, Director of Accounts Online Ltd. New Zealand & Australia


Wayne has over 30 years experience spanning a broad range of companies and Chartered Accountancy as a Chartered Accountant. He has worked with Rolls Royce, Southward Steel Mills (now owned by Atlas Steel), Price Waterhouse Coopers, Suzuki, various government contracts and tutored at a number of tertiary institutions.

Wayne’s areas of expertise include management, financial planning, importing/exporting, wholesaling/ retailing, distribution, information systems and E-commerce. He has also spoken at a number of conferences and takes a particular interest in helping business owners prepare well in advance for the day when they need to sell their business.

His company, Accounts Online Ltd are specialists in online accounting systems. They are a boutique firm of accountants that help business owners choose the best technology for their business. Often accountants are so busy caring for the tax obligations of clients that little time is left to focus on how to make life easier for the client.

That’s where Accounts Online Ltd. helps. You could liken them to your travel agent who helps you on your business journey, whereas your traditional accountants are very much like your customs agent. Like customs agents your accountant makes sure you are fully compliant with the goods and services you’re trading in. Accounts Online’s focus is making sure the journey along the way is smooth and you come home safely, when you finally want to sell your business.


Leigh Ann 240359 Leigh-Ann
Leigh-Ann Powell, Director of Accounts Online Australia, Qualified Accountant, Executive Associate


Leigh-Ann has an unsurpassed passion and drive for helping customers simplify their accounting. Leigh-Ann epitomises the "people person" personality and thrives on building and sustaining excellent working relationships with her clients. Engaging, warm and friendly, her energy knows no bounds.

She is often likened to an 'Energiser EverReady battery' because of her sheer stamina, enthusiasm and joy for life. She knows the accounting systems inside out and is able to impart her extensive knowledge with ease, in simple easy to understand language pitched perfectly at her clients pace. Her greatest pleasure is to empower others to take control of their own financial affairs and she is always delighted to train and guide others every step of the way until they are fully proficient and confident.

Over the past 20 years Leigh-Ann has acquired impressive qualifications in Law, business and Accounting and is a certified Trainer for BankLink & Xero as well as being well versed in other accounting packages and front end point of sale systems.


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