Early Man - ODEON Gisborne

Early Man

pg9  (  PG Coarse language.  )

19th - 25th April 2018 - (Run Time: 1hr. 28mins.)

ODEON Early Man 350x206 

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Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of Dug, along with sidekick Hognob as they unite his tribe against a mighty enemy Lord Nooth and his Bronze Age City to save their home.



Current WEEKLY screenings 

Thursday 19 April 2018

10:30am  12:20pm 02:10pm 

Friday 20 April 2018

 10:30am 12:20pm 02:10pm 

Saturday 21 April 2018

10:30am 12:20pm 02:10pm 

Sunday 22 April 2018

12:20pm 02:10pm 

Monday 23 April 2018

10:30am 12:20pm 02:10pm 

Tuesday 24 April 2018

$10 Tuesday Special

 10:30am 12:20pm 02:10pm 

Wednesday 25 April 2018

12:10pm -